Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8
Moses and Tom face slave catchers and bounty hunters. They also find kind helpers who risk a thousand dollar fine and a year in jail for defying the law. Meet John Parker, the former slave who sneaked to Kentucky to row them across the Ohio. Meet Rev. John Rankin, whose house on the hill in Ripley glowed a welcome to fugitives every night. Benjamin Hanby and Fernando Kelton's homes can still be toured by student groups.
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KAREN MEYER'S passion for history began as a young girl and led her to complete a copy of an early Ohio settler's diary in her senior year. After earning a bachelor's degree cum laude in English and Education, she became an Air Force wife, and over the course of nine years lived in places as far away as Labrador. Seeing new lands gave Meyer a window on regional and national differences, and confirmed an appreciation for her own Ohio roots where she and her husband settled and raised their family. 

Children relive the American frontier as "Grandma Sarah" presents hands-on workshops in soap making, bread making and leather work. 

T E L L I N G  T H E  S T O R Y  O F  T H E  O H I O  F R O N T I E R
Karen Ruth Meyer
PIONEERS PRODUCED their own clothes. Flax plants, after a five-step process, were spun into linen thread. Wool yarn from sheep also took many steps. When these two threads were woven together, the resulting sturdy fabric was called linsey-woolsey. It kept out winter breezes as blankets and clothing.

Settlers of the Ohio Frontier, book one
by Karen Meyer

More and more settlers are coming to Limestone, but who is this stranger called Jefferson, and can he be trusted? Joshua Stewart struggles as he gets ready to help his pa fight the Indians, but what if they include the very Shawnees he has come to love? When the militia is forced to march to Blue Licks, Pa and Joshua join them and run into unexpected danger. Will the journey end in disaster, and will Dr. Strong’s Wonder Tonic reach Grandma Sarah in time? 

Juvenile Historical Christian Fiction
Ages 8-12 (3rd Grade and Up)
ISBN 9780982887547
138 Pages
The cover photo was taken at the 2004 Battle of Blue Licks Reenactment. Some participants are descendants of those who were in the original battle. Even the trees in the picture grew from those at the battlefield. Visit the annual reenactment to take part in "living history."

Underground Railroad 
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Ohio people and places of Moses and Tom's flight from  Kentucky to Canada, in Power Point.
Mysteries of the Ohio Frontier book two
by Karen Meyer

Rachel Putnam wishes her family had never come to the Ohio Frontier. When Rachel’s collie, Bounder, disappears she stumbles onto a mysterious Indian pictograph. Will her determination to leave Marietta be undermined by the events that follow, and what good could come from a stay in a Shawnee village?
As Rachel faces the accusing whispers of her part in her baby brother’s death, she struggles with why bad things happen. Will Rachel and her new friend, Maggie escape the Shawnees? 

Juvenile Historical Christian Fiction
Ages 8-12 (3rd Grade and Up)                            2013 Midwest Book Review
ISBN 9780989066709                                        Ohioana Book Fair Selection
136 Pages                                                               2013 Buckeye Book Fair Selection 

              "Thank you for your great books.Our library system has recently acquired your wonderful books about the Ohio Frontier. I know they will be popular with young readers. I just finished Missing at Marietta, and I must admire your ability to weave early Ohio History with the "story format" that will interest young readers. I am a native of Marietta and marvel at your ability to incorporate real pioneers into the story."

               Alan Hall, Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County  (Ohio)

  "Whispers at Marietta" is the latest 
  middle school historical mystery from the Mysteries of the Ohio Frontier series. In this appealing, popular juvenile series,
historical fact and detail are mingled
tastefully with appealing, fictional young
protagonists who must make life choices
influenced by the known occurrences and conditions of the era..."Whispers at 
Marietta" is excellent juvenile historical 
fiction, a door opener for kids to tempt
them to explore frontier history further.

      From the Midwest Book Review,
                  June 2013,
         Mystery and Suspense Shelf

Mysteries of the Ohio Frontier,  book one
by Karen Meyer
       Twelve-year-old Betsy waves a tearful goodbye to her family as the wagon takes her away from her Massachusetts farm. The money she will earn as Nyes' hired girl should help pay her family's passage to the Ohio frontier next year.
        But when she arrives in Marietta, all her plans fall apart. First her job and expected wages are at risk, and then her carefully collected savings goes missing. There are dangerous thieves on the loose in Marietta, but Betsy knows her Good Shepherd is watching over her. So why does she have those shivers of fear?

Middle Grade (3rd grade and up)
ISBN 9780982887557
123 pages                                                Ohioana Book Fair Selection
   When Moses and Tom flee their Kentucky home 
to find freedom in Canada, their journey is beset with danger. 
From spine-tingling sounds coming from the dark woods to slave catchers hot on their trail, fear is their constant companion. Can they trust the two men on horseback who offer them aid?
         Across the Ohio River in Ripley, young Will Butler fears the consequences of the Fugitive Slave Law if he helps runaways. But after hearing Rev. John Rankin’s compelling message, the entire Butler family becomes a link in the Underground Railroad.
   Grampa told the boys to trust God, but will Grampa’s prayers be enough to get them safely through the snake-filled Great Black Swamp? A life or death decision stands between them and the steamship at Lake Erie. Will Moses and Tom ever be free?
Juvenile Historical Christian Fiction
174 pages
ISBN 9780989066792
Amazon link; ebook/dp/B00W67X9W6/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1487805368&sr=1-1&keywords=north+to+freedom+